Effortlessly Create Email Builders with NGB Email Builder

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The NGB Email Builder is a powerful library that simplifies the process of creating custom email builders. With its intuitive features and comprehensive toolkit, developers can easily build their own email builder applications without the need for extensive coding.

Streamline Email Builder Development

  • Customizable Email Builder Templates: Customize the appearance and layout of your email builder templates to match your brand. Define your own styles, colors, and fonts to create a consistent and on-brand email-building experience.
  • Custom Email Blocks: Create custom email blocks within the builder to meet the unique needs of your users. Add specialized content blocks, such as product showcases, social media integration, or personalized recommendations.
  • Angular i18n Support: Leverage the power of Angular's internationalization support (i18n) within the email builder. Localize your email builder templates to reach a global audience and deliver personalized content in multiple languages.
  • MJML Integration: Seamlessly integrate MJML, the responsive email markup language, into your email builder. Benefit from MJML's extensive features and capabilities to create beautiful, mobile-responsive email templates.
  • Drag-and-Drop Functionality: Enable intuitive drag-and-drop functionality within your email builder interface. Empower users to effortlessly arrange email elements, customize layouts, and design visually appealing templates.
  • Responsive and Mobile-Friendly: Ensure that the email builder generates responsive and mobile-friendly templates. Create dynamic emails that adapt seamlessly to different devices and screen sizes, providing an optimal viewing experience.

Enhance Your Email Builder Experience with Multiple Frameworks

In addition to the powerful features and benefits of the NGB Email Builder, we are excited to offer support for multiple frameworks to further enhance your email builder development.

Currently, we support four popular frameworks to cater to diverse development preferences and requirements. Choose from the following frameworks:

  1. Tailwind: Embrace the simplicity and utility-first approach of the Tailwind CSS framework. Utilize Tailwind's extensive set of pre-built classes and utilities to easily style and customize your email builder components.
  2. Material: Leverage the sleek and polished Material Design components to create visually appealing and intuitive email builder interfaces. Benefit from Material's consistent design patterns and interactive elements to enhance the user experience.
  3. Bootstrap: Harness the flexibility and extensive component library of Bootstrap to streamline your email builder development. Take advantage of Bootstrap's responsive grid system and ready-to-use components to accelerate your workflow.
  4. PrimeNG: Explore the rich set of UI components provided by PrimeNG to build feature-rich and interactive email builder applications. Benefit from PrimeNG's comprehensive suite of components and form elements, to create powerful and dynamic email builders.

With support for these four frameworks, the NGB Email Builder offers flexibility and allows you to choose the framework that best suits your development preferences and project requirements. Each framework provides a distinct set of tools and resources, empowering you to create robust and customizable email builder applications.

Please note that while these frameworks are specifically for email builder development, the NGB Email Builder library enables you to create responsive and visually stunning email builder templates with any framework, see more details here.

Yearly Subscription: Unlock the Full Potential

Gain access to the full potential of the NGB Email Builder with our convenient yearly subscription plan. Enjoy uninterrupted usage, regular updates, and priority support throughout your subscription period.

Empower Your Email Builder Development

The NGB Email Builder library is designed to empower developers and SaaS startups to effortlessly create their own email builder applications. With user-friendly interfaces, drag-and-drop functionality, and a seamless email-building experience, you can revolutionize your email marketing efforts.

To get started with the NGB Email Builder library and unlock endless possibilities in email builder development, visit our comprehensive documentation and explore the extensive features and resources available.

Before Purchasing, Review Our License Agreement

Ensure you are familiar with our license agreement before purchasing the NGB Email Builder. Here's a brief overview of the main points:

  • License Key: Obtain a license key from the Licensor to use the NGB Email Builder in a commercial setting. License keys are unique to each Licensee and may not be transferred or assigned.
  • Usage Restrictions: NGB Email Builder may only be used on one domain or subdomains within the same project. Additional license keys are required for separate projects. Distribution, sublicense, or transfer to third parties without prior written consent is prohibited.
  • Intellectual Property: The Licensor retains all intellectual property rights. Reverse engineering, decompiling, or disassembling the NGB Email Builder is prohibited. Copyright and proprietary notices must not be removed or altered.
  • Technical Support and Maintenance: Technical support is provided via our Discord server. The Licensor is not obligated to provide additional support or updates beyond what is specified in the agreement.

For any technical issues related to the use of NGB Email Builder, feel free to reach out to our support team through our Discord server: https://discord.gg/uPjk6TX4.

Take your email builder development to the next level with the NGB Email Builder. Simplify the process, empower your users, and create dynamic and visually stunning email builders. Unlock endless possibilities and maximize your email marketing potential.

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After purchasing the NGB Email Builder, you'll gain access to the source code of the specific theme that you have purchased. This allows you to customize and modify the theme according to your specific needs and brand requirements.

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Effortlessly Create Email Builders with NGB Email Builder

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